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Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment | West Hills DermatologyThis is designed for the treatment of inflamed, irritated, acneic skin types. This treatment includes a detoxifying masque and soothing corrective and protective products. This treatment is ideal for the oily, acneic skin type sensitive to other products

Alpha Hydroxyl acid Peel

AHAs are glycolic, lactic or fruit acids. These are the mildest peel formulas for light peels that smooth rough, dry skin and improve the texture of sun-damaged skin. Useful for controlling Acne.

Calming Facial

This facial is designed to help calm and soothe acne/rosacea skin. A customized soothing, calming mask and serums will aid in reducing erythema caused by rosacea. The Phyto Corrective Gel acts as a hydrator, without leaving the skin oily and its anti-bacterial/anti-septic properties help and calm sensitive and irritated skin.

Customized Acid Peels

Acids are perfect for skin brightening, improving acne and peeling off excess dead skin layers. Peels are in series but can be added to most facials. After analyzing you condition, your Aesthetician will determine which acid suits your skin type. Facial cleaning, cooling mist, moisturizer and sun block included with every treatment

Deep Pore-Cleansing Facial

This Facial is perfect for the teenaged client or any client experiencing acne. The combination of product helps to reduce oil without drying and give the skin the hydration it needs. Botanicals in the Phyto -Corrective Gel help to heal acne, while the Clarifying Clay Masque draws out impurities and oils that can be harmful to the skin.


DiamondTome Resurfacing is technique for removing the topmost layer of skin leaving it supple and vibrant. Removing this outer layer of dead skin cells leaves a smoother texture and promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells. Your skin will have a radiant glow.

O2 Lift Facial

A revolutionary treatment to exfoliate, illuminate and oxygenate the skin. This amazing facial includes an effervescent oxygenating mask to help deliver oxygen at the cellular level and a pure plant derived stem cell enhancer to rejuvenate the skin and prevent the signs of aging. It instantly leaves your skin luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated.

DiamondTome Oxy-Mist

This procedure is combination of DiamondTome Microdermabrasion to remove outer layer of the skin to allow better penetration ofantioxidants, amino complexes and micellized vitamin E. Using medical grade oxygen as the delivery source high concentration of all three formulations is delivered to skin to reduce appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Your skin will feel hydrated and nourished.

Reconditioning Firming Facial

This treatment is ideal for dehydrated, aging and environmentally damaged skin types. The use of specific cleansing, toning, masque, and protective products will help to leave a healthier, firmer appearance to the skin.

Regenerating Facial

The Regenerating Facial is designed to give all skin type that special, pampered treatment they deserve. The combination of specialized blend of products and serums will help to leave the skin hydrated, refreshed, and ready to take on the environmental ravages of the day. It is the perfect antidote for the skin that needs a circulation boost that has been from air travel, illness, medication or stress.

Add-on Treatments

Eye Contour Peel off Mask- An eye treatment delivering vitamins to improve circulation and appearance of fine lines around your eyes.


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